Finding Trucks is a third party logistics provider


Finding Trucks Brokerage is a third party logistics provider who has met and exceeded all government requirements and is in good standing with the FMCSA. We offer both FTL and LTL shipping services. (FTL: Full Truck Load  LTL: Less Than Truck Load). We offer the same services as shipping companies but handle more issues.


What is a “3rd Party Logistics Provider”

You are the first party.
Where and to who the load is going to is the second party.
The truck and getting it loaded and on the road is the logistics.
And we are the third party – the Logistics Provider, the one that gets it all to happen.

Logistics includes:

  • Get your Shipment Information
  • Find a truck
  • Check Safety Records
  • Check MC#
  • Check Insurance on cargo & liability
  • DOT (Dept of Transportation)
  • Safety Record
  • Document checks
  • Progress Status Checks on shipment, including:
    • departure
    • on the road
    • arrival
    • unloading
    • paying the truck


You pick up the phone
– we take care of everything else so you can focus on your business.

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or EMail at
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Our Mission Statement:

Finding Trucks mission and focus is to provide our customers with top notch shipping services. We use the best carrier available which provides better service, sometimes at discounts of up to 60%. We negotiate with the trucking company to get the best price possible that you want to pay.

Finding Trucks Brokerage has over 30 years of transportation experience. We are dedicated to SERVING our customers’ transportation needs with honesty, integrity, and unprecedented service.

What is the Shipper looking for:

#1 Price
#2 Safe driving and arriving with no damage to cargo
#3 On time pickup and delivery
#4 Updates on their shipment

What is the Broker looking for:

We are looking for the same as the shipper, plus a few more important items.

#1 Valid insurance with the proper coverage amount on both cargo and auto
#2 Valid Motor Carrier Number
#3 A good safety record on carrier
#4 No bad reports placed against carrier