To Whom It May Concern,

It’s been a very pleasant experience doing business with Mary. She’s very helpful, and informative. I was planning to win an auction item 6 hours-drive away, and didn’t have a plan for the transportation solution. It’s a boom lift, which weighs around 7 tons, so self-transportation was off limit. I made quite a few phone calls to trucking companies, and the feedbacks were either disappointing or unaffordable among those who did response. At this point, I was scratching my head thinking maybe it’s not a good idea in the first place. Just when I was almost giving up on the original biding plan, I found “Finding Trucks”. I didn’t give that too much hope at first. I figured it’s a local company close to the auction, maybe that would cut short some of the expenses for the company, so I may also benefit from it. It was worth a try. Mary quoted on the trucking cost at a reasonable price, and even promised to try to bring it down on delivery day. That solved half of my transportation problem. On budget – check. My other half of the problem was time. The auction was scheduled on a Saturday, which most of the companies were closed, so was the finance department of the auction company. But, I was bound to pay off the whole amount within 3 days from the auction, and to pick up the item within a·week. So, that left me with a very tight schedule to work with. Time wasn’t on my side. With the assurance of Mary, I was confident enough to stick with my biding plan. On schedule – check. With all that settled, I ended up won the auction item. Mary was working along with me the whole time even on weekends with responsive answers, and constructive advises. She was ready to make the arrangement on my schedule, and kept her promise to bring down the cost. On Monday, I managed to pay for the item in full. In order to give me added security, she insisted to get paid after I got the delivery of the equipment before unloading truck. After all that, my biggest surprise was the delivery speed, the boom lift was on the job site the next day. I got the call from Mary the next morning telling me the truck has arrived. The overall service level was superb, and I couldn’t be more satisfied.

Thank you, Mary. Hope to do more business with you in the future. Thumbs up!

Timothy Li
Heng Hao Corporation, Livermore, CA

To whom it may concern,
I would highly recommend Finding Trucks for your logistic needs. It was the quickest and most cost effective experience I have had in locating transportation for our equipment needs.

Bruce McFarland
PM Packaging, Tijuana, Mexico,  Commerce, California

We utilized Finding trucks to relocate an oversize load over a long distance. Mary was prompt, responsive, and accomplished the job before a variety of other freight forwarders could even get pricing. I will utilize Mary for any specialty loads and hauling in the future.

Dakota Semler
Bucket List Experiences

Mary at Finding Trucks was a pleasure to deal with. She went above and beyond with our company through all stages of the transportation process. Finding Trucks will be our first choice in the future for cargo needs.

Khai Le
Epilogue Inc
Los Angeles

Thank you again Mary for all your effort arranging my haul. My 1954 bus means a lot to me and you made it easy and secure. You anticipated my needs and saved me money. Thats more than I hoped for. Again thank you and I will definitely call you for any trucking needs in the future.

Very satisfied with my haul
James Immel